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Crt Aluminium Alloy Front Wheels

Short Description:

● Model type:aluminium alloy front wheels
● Material:aluminium alloy
● Size:standard
● Front wheel weight:235g/each(with bearings)
● Material:aluminium alloy
● Colors:available in various colours,or can be customized by users demands
● Assembled with high-quality rubber rings before shipping
● Bearings:inserted in before shipping

Product Detail

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Crt aluminium alloy front wheel experienced numerous design refinements to achieve its current appearance.The hub part is made of high-quality aluminium alloy alloy material,with unique shape and excellent rigidity.The wheel rim part is equipped with high-quality rubber rings,which has strong wear resistance and increases the service life of the product.The unique design technology of the wheel hub part makes it more convenient for users to replace the outer rubber rings.



● After placing the order,our technician will contact the email you registered to confirm the products in the order can be used on your current wheelchair.If you have any demands or questions about theses products,please do not hesitate to tell us,we will do our best to meet your wishes.

● Please check the surface after receiving the products,if you find a noticeable flaw or crack,please feel free to contact us.

● Please using with cautions,it is normal to find scratches after using for a long time.

● The rubber rings are made of high-quality rubber,the sevice life of the rubber rings will depend on the environment you will use them in regularly.For exemple,if you often ride your wheelchairs on gravel or other rough roads,you will fing that the rings wears out quickly.You can contact us to get a new one with a favorable price.

● If you are not very good at installing things,you can make a note before placing the order,we will send you an instruction note that can help you install it,or you can also ask for technical support after you receive the products.

● If you make an order of both front fork and front wheel,let us know if you want us to assemble them for you before we ship them.

● If not assembled,the front fork and front wheel will be delivered with screws,if you need more of them,please make a note in your order,we will pack extras under your request. For female users,if you find a lot of hairs in the center part of your front wheels,it is easy to clean it and can be done with a small stick.


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