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  • Wheelchair Racing

    Among the many disabled sports, wheelchair racing is very “special”, more like “running with hands” sports. When the wheels roll at high speed, the sprint speed can reach more than 35km/h. “This is a sport that embodies speed.” According to Huang Peng, the coac...
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  • Simply complete Easy Exercise on Wheels

    There are countless reasons a person may need the assistance of mobility devices. And whether you’re reason for using a wheelchair is due to progressive disease, physical trauma, or any of the other many reasons, it’s important to honor what you still can do. That can be challenging when it...
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  • How do Para sports ensure there is a level playing field between athletes with different impairments

    Para sport, like all other sport uses a classification system to structure its competition, ensuring a fair and level playing field. In judo athletes are put in weight classes, in football men and women compete separately, and marathons have age categories. By grouping athletes by size, gender an...
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  • What You Need To Know About Wheelchair Racing

    If you are familiar with handcycling, you may think wheelchair racing is the same thing. However, they are very different. It’s important to know exactly what wheelchair racing is so that you can choose which type of sport might be best for you. To help you choose if wheelchair racing is the righ...
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