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Agent Products

  • Tufo Tubular Tyre Elite

    Tufo Tubular Tyre Elite

    TPI COUNT:210/315
    USE:Track Cycling
  • Ox Carbon Gpx Racing Wheelchairs

    Ox Carbon Gpx Racing Wheelchairs

    ● Material:Carbon fibre,Aluminium
    ● Position:Kneeling and Seating position
    ● Length:Customized
    ● Rear Axle Angle:Adjustable
    ● Front Wheel:Recommended Corima ROUE 40MM 20”500C 10R BOYAU AV RAYONS NOIRS(3K)
    ● Rear Wheels:Recommended Corima ROUE PARACULAIRE C+28” 700C BOYAU AR AXE 1/2”(5T*368MM)(3K)
    ● Pushrims:Corima DISC
    ● Colors:Customized
    ● Weight:9kg
  • Wolturnus Amasis Racing Wheelchair

    Wolturnus Amasis Racing Wheelchair

    ● Taylor-made, based on the athlete’s requirements, wishes and body measurements
    ● Stiff and robust frame in lightweight aluminium 7020
    ● Extremely easy to manoeuvre and achieve speed
    ● Thick frame tubes ensure a stiff frame and higher speeds
    ● Developed in cooperation with world-class athletes
    ● anodized or powder-coated
    ● weight from 8 kg
    ● Seating cage-tailored aluminium seating cage to ensure the best seating posture
    ● Kneeling position-you can choose between a kneeling position and a seating position
    ● Special solutions-we can design the amasis down to the last millimeter according to your wishes and needs.